There are ANGRY people online.Some of them;seriously so.  

ANGRY ICONS: Angry emoticon face among other grey, neutral, indifferent faces

                   I BLAME GOD. YES I DO.(+us too lil bit…)…(btw will also pass Msg. to @WATCHEROVERALLGODS on Twitter about this GOD…& if you know of any GOD on Social Media then feel free to contact the WATCHER yourself Directly and let handling  and GOD Watching begin…).

WATCHER ICONS: Word on the button

As i began Online Research, Issues arose immediately. The intense dissection of Topics began to frustrate me- Inside &  Out. IMO many are “caught up” in this Reality/World/Dimension/Frequency Domain/woteva name FOR ALL THIS THAT IS that u personally use; and HAVE FORGOTTEN that THERE are OTHERS-THIS is ONLY 1 SYSTEM… …well ok; most peeps know of 2 -LIFE & DEATH  Frequencies/Dimensions/wotevas etc.!!!

UNIVERSES DIMENSIONS: Time WarpUNIVERSES: Two worlds Illustration

the world: 192 Markers from paper with flag for map, vector illustration Illustration

…think that Geometrically-should be 9 or Factor thereof…but I’m  NO  ROCKET  SCIENTIST… anyway we all tend to ARGUE over LAW,RACE,TECH,COUNTRY, SPORTS TEAMS,POLITICS,MEDICINE…  mine v your blah blah-forums and discussion groups that seem to produce VERY LIL +ve effects in the REAL WORLD.

the world: earths day celebration - hands shaped heart with world map

In the VIRTUAL WORLD …most Govts…are morally and factually  corrupt and known about etc-tho admittedly in the REAL a handful have made VERY GOOD INDEED attempts at PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT approaches…

resistance movement: BANGKOK,THAILAND-NOVEMBER,24 Police Commandos guard a barricade on Makkhawan Bridge outside Government HQ on November 24,2012 in Bangkok, Thailand

social issues democracy equality: Freedom mind map business concept






social responsibility concept: Sustainability word cloud on screen Stock Photo


eg: Iceland in their continuous  +ve suppression and JAILING etc of ELITE ECON. CRIMS, + handling of the ECONOMIC & SOCIAL ROBBERY THE ELITES tried to put in place in their country.


iceland silhouette: made in iceland country national flag map shape with text




:Japan in repeatedly attempting to TRUTHSEEK and being hit by 3 NUCLEAR INCIDENTS for their efforts and still SURVIVING as too THE NINJAwhilst Greece & Cyprus & etc in attempting repeatedly to warn also of the economic and banking dangers too of such SYSTEMS OF THE ELITES   THRU Institutions such as the U.N…:-

japan silhouette: Japan Gate Illustration

greece silhouette: Old paper Greece map

Countries too such as PALESTINE,RUSSIA,IRAN,IRAQ,AFGHAINSTAN + so on in their resistance to the ELITE EMPIRE BUILDERS at various times…

empire silhouette: Drawing of city in black with white backgroundAlaska, Libya & co. in FREELY SHARING with a PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT approach, such as the OIL & MINERAL wealth of their countries;

minerals: Mineral crystals and stones, with energy effect, in different structures


whistleblowers: Abstract word cloud for Infoanarchism with related tags and terms Stock Photo




The thousands of Leakers,Whistle blowers, ANONYMOUS Martyrs etc(…so wonderfully portrayed in THE MATRIX series by MORPHEUS who along with NEO, TRINITY AND AGENT SMITH are the Quarternary of the TRUTH-SEEKERS within THE MATRIX…)

The Matrix Poster.jpg

matrix: green matrix background computer generated

Warner Brothers VIP studio tour - Matrix mannequins (2862323128).jpg

and  the several World Leaders and Activists who oppose such ELITE SYSTEMS of PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE…… yet whilst Online…WAR Criminal States are named and blamed, Legal crims sorted and VICTIMS cared about,…race issues discussed, dissected and resolved with only rare Flareups:


assassinated usa presidents: Lincoln Memorial statue at night, Washington, DC EditorialA headshot of McKinley in formal attireGarfield wears a double breasted suit and has a full beard and receding hairline

martin luther king: I have a dream by Martin Luther King, Jr written in white chalk on a black chalkboard RogueNinjamartin luther king: LAOS - CIRCA 1999: A postage stamp printed in Laos showing Martin Luther King, circa 1999

Muammar Gaddafi, 1973.jpg

JFK White House portrait looking up lighting corrected.jpg



Foods from round the world b4 my eyes, idiotic drivers/peeps/animals/machina pinpointed oft.with humor even in adversity, rescues aided, health, psychological, social problems sorted, nature, pets, music, clothing,  on and on…and yet each/most peeps that i’ve “met” ARE STIL ANGRY INSIDE FOR SOME REASON THEY COULD NOT ELUCIDATE...at least not to me, nor to themselves…

world foods: Map of world made from different kinds of spices, close-up

princess di: MORDOVIA - CIRCA 1998 Collection stamps printed in Mordovia shows the princess of Wales, Diana, circa 1998 Editorial

assad: THE HAGUE, HOLLAND - MAY 19: Syrians demonstrate for Syria and Assad in the center of The Hague, Holland on May 19, 2012




malcolm x: 31. MARCH 2011 - MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY, USA - wax figure of Malcolm X at Madame Tussauds in New York, USA. Photo taken on 31. March 2011.















…AND SO ON…SEE HERE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzaPWPn9k1


world foods: Map of world made from different kinds of spices, close-up


Basically we have forgotten OUR PURPOSE and are now struggling to figure  THAT out -even though ALL TRY..:…ANOMALY ALERT…hmm methinks DREAMNINJA INTEL REQUIRED…:

  NINJAMasterInstructor ED LOMAX

ninja: 3d render of a ninja at a blackboard





…gave me some timely advice in JAPAN whilst chatting about my research topics..”…keep doing what you LOVE…tell people straight as you can and tell them the CORE of the issue…let them sort the rest for themselves…”….with that in mind and in my own way with words:


Our CREATION LEGENDS looked at as a broad generally applicable statement say in ESSENCE:

The RED race is THE OUTER EARTH’s/NATURE/WARRIOR  CARETAKER.                   ( red earth soul/surface nature c/taker)

The BROWN race is THE EARTH‘sOCEAN’s/ENVIRON/WARRIOR CARETAKER. (dark SUN soul/water environ c/taker)

The BLACK race is THE INNER EARTH’s/SACRED SITE/WARRIOR CARETAKER. (dark light soul/mining&geology/sacred site c/taker)

The WHITE race is THE EARTH’s/ FOOD/TECH./WARRIOR CARETAKER.(white light soul/food,housing,technology c/taker)

The YELLOW race is THE EARTH’s/MOUNTAINs/sex TEMPLE/arch.-WARRIOR CARETAKER.(light SUN soul/geography,sacred sex&priestly site,design tech. c/taker)

rainbow people: illustration of foot prints around the earth







…and of course…GOD IS THE HEAVENS ABOVE CARETAKER…and CHIEF WARRIOR too there  i gues…


FIRSTLYGOD will NEVER be involved in our LIFE as such=NEVER..  

god: Man with conceptual spiritual body art

ITS NOT HIS JOB(SEE ABOVE for GOD’s job description…GOD’s busy enough as it is ..refer above again.i mean all that you have to worry about is YOU …GOD’s got bit more on plate so to speak…..!!!)   (…and we got FREE WILL remember…)

freedom of speech: Freedom of Speech Concept in the Free World





LASTLY-to follow the PLAN OF GOD-YOU must do YOUR JOB…(…go on…be a “DEVIL“..just try it)…so check what COLOR u are and make sure your job MATCHES the job description above. If YOU  are a mix of colors-then feel free to mix n match…

rainbow people: Female figure formed of fine smoke on a black background.




Do that.Sort it out inside.Be what you are.

Welcome to the Rainbow World.




      LIVE AND LOVE LIFE …All DreamNinjas should.                                                       Njoy.Simple.

freedom life style: FREEDOM. Seamless vector pattern with word cloud. Illustration with different association terms. rainbow world abstract: World of colorful






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