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Mention EGYPT…and the conversation could lead just about anywhere.

There is much to discuss concerning this long gone Empire.

Pyramids, Sphinx, Temples, GODS, Pharaohs, statues, monuments, hieroglyphs and the like are all up for choices here. There is much known and much speculated about too.

A tip of the iceberg search reveals such as:

Simple wordplay=Pyramids= pyre amidst= fire in the middle…???

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Sphinx=underground areas…???= another Sphinx was/still hidden under sand…???


This post however is going to examine something closer at hand so to speak. Much closer.




In the 1920’s Count Stefan Colonna Walewski began Yoga training with two initiates of the Zoroastrian Order. The training combined both Yoga and Indigenous knowledge. The Count kept a journal or notebook which he later transcribed into the book Manuscript now known as “A System of  Caucasian Yoga” first printed in 1955.

Count Stefan Colonna Walewski - A System of Caucasian Yoga


The Manuscript contained teachings and discussion notes on many related topics that the Zoroastrian Order taught including details on a “technology” that the Pharaohs kept a tight grip on. Literally…



Standing statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Egypt Stock Photo - 12006937The sculptures, bas reliefs and artifacts of ancient Egypt are very often rendered with great care and skill. Many are simply,…beautiful objects. From the  large Pyramids themselves to the smaller items of this culture, the attention to care and detail is paramount.

Count Walewski-along with several other later researchers noted an item in the Manuscript that stood out…mainly? because the mainstream Egyptologists ignored/overlooked the attention to detail the Count etc had espied. The accompanying statue is of the Pharaoh RAMSES 2. Looking fit, healthy and strong… two  items of interest should catch your eye.

Firstly, Ph.Ramses 2 is “stepping” and secondly…in his hands are clutched a pair of ” cylindrical objects“.



Many statues and sculptures show the ancient Egyptians in a left foot forward step/walk pose. This creates the illusion of movement-bringing the statue “alive” so to speak. Many of the old and new sculptures use this “movement” idea in their works.



Several Egyptologists have examined this issue; though with no real summary or consensus reached. It is obvious that this style was considered important enough to continually use this approach- however the reasons are perhaps lost to time etc. Shiro has linked several interesting sites which are self-explanatory.

Some very interesting theories emerge in these discussions concerning the stepping especially the Egyptian document (…chapter 2) known as ” defining APEP with the left foot” which explains it as a counter to the GOD of CHAOS…thus maintaining the Cosmic Order!


These Rods or Wands as they’ve become known, reflect and contain an Ancient Mystery . Unlike many other items carried by such as Ph.’s these do not appear to be of a personal/identifying nature. The Manuscript teachings indicate the Wands are a type of “health benefit“.

Wands of Horus Gallery of Images

Wands of Horus protect against some diseases and promote healing

Whilst most of mainstream Egyptology were documenting and cataloging finds… a team of  Russians began a somewhat different approach with the Wands.

  • They read the Manuscript.

The Manuscript detailed the process of Wand manufacturing.

  • They made and built some.

The Manuscript detailed and explained the Wand’s use.

According to the Manuscript and findings the Wands...;

  • …are a tool of ” attainment“… which
  • …” stimulate a person’s nervous, energy and immune systems“…
  • and provide a “ step by step evolution of their psychic, energy and consequently physical capacities“…

in order to facilitate a social “intercourse with the GODS“. Simple.




Being aware of the potential of such as Crystalline structures to transmit and/or carry “energy” ( LCD/LED/VOGEL etc)…

Shiro was not surprised to read that the Manuscript detailed their usage in the Wands inner workings. The dimensions too were noted to be quite specific in that such as Pi/golden mean/fibonacci numbers are used and inbuilt in the construction method. The Wands appear to be a energy device utilizing crystals as a conduit.

Tis here too; Shiro recalls the olden Legends which state that such as the Pyramids had a large, bright, shiny stone or light or crystal on top, as well as lining the “niches” contained in the various Pyramid inner sections. The original outer cover capstones were also very bright white…a LIT UP PYRAMID at night would indeed have been a wonder to behold…esp. from ABOVE!



These findings may indicate the PYRAMIDS themselves were also such a device…

Pyramids are a global phenomenon-being found in many places…


A  global “network” of such structures/devices…linked

…perhaps with the Wands as the “iphone/interface” of the network…?

…so where is the  ON BUTTON???…njoy.Simple.







  1. Thank you for sharing — your website is an oasis. We have been working with the Healing Rods described by Count Walewski for many years. They truly restore energetic balance to the user. More importantly, to One who wishes to align with the Soul (Higher Self) the pathway is made easier using the Rods while employing various meditation techniques. There are two NEW developments in the Rods technology which are even more powerful for opening psychic centers and increasing one’s ability to MANIFEST visions into ‘reality’. One new development are Healing Rods made with AMBER inside that carry an electric charge which amplifies thought. The use of these Rods is described in “The Practice of Magical Evocation” by Franz Bardon. They lift Kundalini and energize your aura in ways that the prior technology can not. More information can be found at Count Walewski also mentions the power of Amber. We are delighted to have brought these tools into availability.

    • hi and hope you well.
      thank you for visiting idreamofninja and
      sharing much of your knowledge.
      appreciate the support and am glad you
      enjoyed the site too.
      as a longtime researcher of many topics
      it is groups such as yours that are
      so inspirational.
      shiro just writes it up so to speak-
      your commitment to such rediscoveries
      should be shown to all.
      thank you too, for the updated info
      and link and shiro will definitely
      visit soon.
      the new rods with AMBER are of great
      interest and are glad you are continuing
      to refine the tech.
      you guys are awesome shiro says!
      thanks again and please feel free
      to revisit-though the blog is quite
      new with lots of updating still ongoing
      you may find other areas of interest.
      hope to see you again
      til next dreamninja shiro

  2. Since 1994 year we study this subject ViITIC RODS RU – Egyptian healing Rods .
    Egyptian healing rods restore Vital force, Nervous Energy and are mental ancient technologies

    This is Ancient Egyptian Teachings, that close connect with Caucasian Yoga.
    Caucasian Yoga (or Tradition of the Elite) combine the ancient knowledge of Caucasian Highlanders and mystical experience, that goes back to Ancient Egypt, Iran, Mazdaznan’s zaroastrism.

    • hi and hope you well.
      thanks for visiting and glad you have such an interest in this subject.
      thank you for the info on the rods history and current study too.
      the mystical experience should
      always be studied! take care
      til next dreamninja shiro

  3. I’ve read several excellent information here.
    Definitely worth the price of bookmarking
    for revisiting.
    I’m surprised how much effort you put in
    to create this sort of wonderful informative website.

    • Hi and hope you well.thanks for the encouragement.a love of writing and seeking knowledge keeps me glad you have such a interest and support independent glad too you njoyed the visit and hope you return…often! thanks for the chat.take care til next dreamninja shiro.

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