iDreamofNinja POETS…#17






Staring at the page as i let the words come,

dreaming inside-wondering on what we’ve done.


Remembering your smile as we pulled each other close-

Then holding tight,… not wanting to ever let go.


Two lovers on the beach with tropical sunset, palms, sea and island behind them Stock Vector - 10785597

All through the shadows of morning–just holding on-

More than pleasure…-and so much more than fun.


No regrets, no sadness–only feelings of the heart-

Just feeling, just sharing,… not wanting to ever do part.


Missing you now, as the nights slowly turn and move by-

longing to touch, hear your voice,… and–see you smile…

The flash of memory as i stare at the phone-


Missing you now,… as i sit …here all alone…

…through the shadows of morning…just holding on.

Young man with phone at the sunrise. Stock Photo - 45779084





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