Having calculated several of Shiro’s numbers…lets look at the numbers of Numerology and their Symbolic meanings.

(The following data is a basic compilation of the relevant reference data/meanings.)

number 0: zero sign created from text - illustration Illustration

0 = The VOID = nothingness , the absence of all , the unmanifest , the unlimited , the incomprehensible ABSOLUTE ALL.

A number of great transformational change , profound changes , ascent and descent , evolution and involution , the Nothingness of Death AND Totality of Life.


1 =  The CENTRE = totality of the ALL , the prime number , the mystic and perfect number. Unity , Light , active principle symbolic of Being. The NUMBER of Numbers , the Monad = THE ONE = that which precedes Duality/Dualism. Our SUN’s number. The Beginning , first mover , first cause…THE FIRST...

number 1: Beautiful spring number 1 Stock Photo

2 =  The DUALITY = first number from UNITY , balance , stability , ALL manifestations of Dualism , opposites/complementary , yin/yang , the Duad = that which follows the Monad = a dual opposed reflection of the ONE (…as above…so below…). Our MOON’s number. Symbol of  separateness  from wholeness …ignorance leading to wisdom.

3 =  The TRIAD =Creation of Phenomena , the equilibrium of  unity’s dualities , the trinity , the triple/ternary/triangle , growth and balance of birth,life and death , CHILD and TWO opposite parents ,  synthesis and harmony with aspiration of unity. The Tripartide nature…Heaven , Earth and Waters or Beginning , Middle and End or Body , Soul and Spirit…the three Wishes.

numbers 1 2 3: one,two and three colorful numbers at hands Stock Photo

4 = The first SOLID number , first number of manifestation , wholeness , completion , the first squared number (…2×2…) , foundation and symbol of justice , measurement , the four directional points , the four horsemen , the TREE OF LIFE has four limbs , the four CELESTIAL guardians , the four winds , the four faces of creation , the Sacred Number of TIME.

5 = The symbol of MAN and MICROCOSM , combination of feminine and masculine(=2+3…) , the Pentagon symbol(point upwards) and that of MAN(…limbs outstretched…head upright= symbol of BALANCE of MAN) , meditation , versatility , individuality , the Pentagon symbol(point downwards) and that of FALLEN MAN , MAN’s dual nature is UNITY(…5 x 2 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 ) , the quintessence… four cardinal points AND the CENTRE.

numbers 4 5 6: Vector EPS10 Illustration of a set of white dices with reflection

6 = The first PERFECT Number(…after UNITY…1 + 2 + 3 = 6…) , the highest number ON THE SQUARE(…e.g…on dice…) , the Hexad , dualism of the Triad , marriage of male and female principles , harmonises opposing principles , the two interlaced triangles = upward point = male/fire/heavens…downward point = female/water/earth , symbol of the UNIVERSE…four cardinal points + above + below… , THE number of MAN = 666 = the Triad of Creation(…NOTE; THOUGH CERTAIN RELIGIONS use this symbol to represent “beastly EVIL“…THE RELEVANT BIBLE PASSAGE…rev 13:18 actually notes…”the number of the beast…is MANS NUMBER…his number is 666“…= MAN is a heavenly/dual/creature= The number of HEAVEN + DUALITY + TRIAD.

7 = The Sacred HEPTAD, a special mystic number , seven vices and virtues , days in a week , reconciles the square and triangle , the number of LIFE(…UNITY + MAN…) , one of the indivisible numbers , the three dimensional Cross/Tau , application of spiritualism onto materialism , the number of Heavenly Law.

8 = The Sacred OGDOAD , a holy number of Mystery , its form SERPENTINE yet UPRIGHT , number of the first possible “cube” (…2x2x2…) , an olden symbol representing the celestial spiralling motion of the heavenly stars and planets easily visualised on such as the medical caduceus , symbol of love , prudence and the Laws of Justice.

numbers 9: Vector numbers from number set. Eps 10 illustration.

9 =  The Sacred ENNEAD , the TRIPLE TRIAD , the synthesis of corporeal , intellectual and spiritual , a LIFE number (…9mths pregnancy…) , the triple ternary of the 3planes of human potentialities = body/soul/spirit which combines with the energy trio of active/neutral/passive , the complete image of the 3 worlds = above/mid/below , the last limitless number before return to unity(…=10=1+0=1…) , the last (step)…before UNITY.

WHAT CAN THE MASTER NUMBERS TEACH? …page#3…coming soon.NJOY.Simple.

numbers 11: eleven Stock Photonumbers 22: twenty twonumbers 27 SPOTLIGHT: twenty sevennumbers 33 SPOTLIGHT: Number 33 illuminated with yellow spotlight on black background Stock Photo





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