iDreamofNinja POETS…#11


ninja: Meditating cartoon ninja. Vector clip art illustration with simple gradients. Ninja and masks clothes are on separate layers.

As i sit,rest and meditate 

My life i do intently contemplate.                                                    

Before my eyes do clear visions sometimes pass

as i settle breathe, posture, mind and heart.

ufo alien: UFO crop circle design Illustration

Live in that bliss for as long as it lasts. 

I gasp in awe  and wonder as i’m born again,a new start

Fresh approach,new eyes that see all and nothing,

Eyes wide shut viewing my inner alien.

ufo alien: 3d cartoon alien

ninja meditating: 3d render of a ninja meditating

Questionmark In Triangle clip art

ufo alien: Conspiracy Theory and Hidden Evidence as Concept Stock Photo


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