iDreamofNinja POETS…#5


ninja: Ninja holding samurai sword.

Many is the night i sit alone and wonder:

On Man & Woman, past, present and future.

We smile sweetly in pain, praising our high tech.

The Innovative Sciences Mass-Media calls Progress.

work in progress: Businessperson working together to raise an arrow

Progress indeed;as Crimes of LOVE & HATE escalate.

EACH AND ALL of us avoids that Deep MIRROR LOOK.

In their OWN WAY: so locked away- DEEP INSIDE…

…is the DREAM……of every young Boy and Girl.

yin yang symbol: Yin yang symbol wigh clouds and stars

BOYS AND GIRLS DREAMING: babies sleeping in the bed

The DREAM is of innocence,of wholeness,of oneness;

DREAM of peaceful paradise…of just knowing …    

 ...of knowing one’s place in their World.

ninja: Silhouette illustration of a Ninja on grass field Illustration

yin yang symbol: Yin-yang symbol, ice and fire Stock Photo

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