iDreamofNinja POETS…#1

Shirobanryu Dreaming:

Ode to the Kunoichi Kawasaki…intro

red motorcycle: a motorcycle.

Time stood almost frozen when we both let go,

the path ahead had vanished from our sight-

Kunoichi screamed at me as my hands came free,

i went left…she went willingly into the White.

motorcycle crash: Red broken helmet on an agricultural field

motorcycle accident: Man lying down after scooter accident Isolated

A long history, Kunoichi and i, many places we’ve been

Shiro and Kunoichi, an unlikely match- or so it seemed-

yet always together, we rode often deep into the night.

Kunoichi always led the way, her lights SHINING bright.

motorcycle crash: Young Man riding a motorcycle at night through the streets of Beijing Stock Photo

red motorcycle: a motorcycle.

Kunoichi of white wheels, red on black, she shone.

We grew old together-me, with far less grace.

Never tiring, never rude-she easily carried my burden

and the Mark of the Ninja zx7, all over Her Face.



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