iDreamofNinja POETS…#2

Shirobanryu Dreaming:

Ode to the Kunoichi Kawasaki…

her final act…

Into the White she dove screaming; old style box Merc it was,

stalled in Kunoichi’s lane whilst trying to cross.

Kunoichi knew no fear-only my survival did care.

Helmet and leathers, black on red ,that night I did wear.

red motorcycle: a motorcycle.

Kunoichi of WHITE wheels, red on black, she shone

Into the WHITE of that night she dove screaming along-

For Kunoichi Kawasaki-the FEM. ZX7...

…there was NO COMING HOME.

memorials: White candle background Illustration

So ends my ode to the Fem. NINJA that did save my life.

So ends my ode to the    Kunoichi Kawasaki.

A ZX7  NINJA model with power and subtle grace-

Into the WHITE she dove screaming, too quick a SACRIFICE.

Into the WHITE she dove screaming-

whilst rider SHIRO, was kept  aLIVE  in this human race.  


survivor icon: 3d illustration of earth globe in rescue circle

( My Son at a young age drew a pic of the Kunoichi Kawasaki

which i still have and will upload later. Meanwhile,to see

more of his Artwork…go Dreamin to) :

funeral: Grim reaper on a dark backgroundfuneral: Zombie hand coming out from grave

ninja baby: Baby Ninja on Board Illustration

ninja teen: Illustration of a ninja with a sword in the snow Illustration

ninja cartoon: Ninja Stock Photo

COMPUTER NINJA: Attractive 30 years old caucasion man shot in studio isolated on a white background Stock Photo

301 Moved Permanently

                                                                   NOTHING TO NJOY.

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