motorcycle15 Just for the record:a good helmet and set of leathers can save a riders skin…literally.


Shiro,.. time for a lil…


Letting go of the kunoichi kawasaki zx7at 60+kph i bumped the handlebars or mirrors somewhere and fractured all my ribs on the r side.   I rolled several times, going with the flow.

Helmet and leathers both held.Scarred and trashed they may have been but THEY HELD.Without them i would have been scarred and trashed too …and i would not have held up half as well…

mrace2Note to SELF:THIS IS A motorcycle: Biker girl in a helmet on a red background

red motorcycle: Smile face with red helmet Illustration

motorcycle leather jackets: Vintage Leather biker jacket isolated on white Stock Photo

red motorcycle: a motorcycle.

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